Pemberton Holmes Real Estate - Nancy Vieira's Embelished Testimonial Page

I'm looking at Nancy Vieira's web page. She wants to give us some insight into who Nancy Vieira really is on her Testimonial page and calls herself a top real estate agent for Pemberton Holmes Sooke, here on the Island. 

The testimonials she put up, accrediting herself to the point of calling herself the 'Angel Realtor' a miracle worker, connecting on the Spirit level. 

Not one negative comment. It makes you wonder if there were any. Could that be possible, that there aren't any negative testimonials out there and all are positive? Of course, why would she put up any negative comments? How silly of me.

Nancy Vieira doesn't fool anyone, though. We all know, no  one is perfect. What is she hiding?

She says; she has built up her business using the many referrals from her wonderful happy clients. Were there no unhappy clients? Is she being deceitful?

There's a letter from RICK TOOCHIN and CORNIA ISAAC advising the appropriate people of the glorious and magnificent role Nancy Vieira of Pemberton Holmes played in selling their condo. That sounds nice.

Then, there's ONEILL-AITKENS who speak right from their hearts. Oh my!  

There's LIDIA who had fun with Nancy cruising around town in Nancy's Hyundai 4X4 eating donuts and drinking coffee. I can see them now, Thelma and Louise.

And, ROB and BETH who were surprised as hell she was selling real estate!  Why were they so surprised?  What do they know we don't?

There's LISA, PAUL & P.J. who promised not to stalk her for the rest of her life, only until their demands were met. Then they laugh. Sounds spooky.

There's CAM CAVADO,  MARNIE O'NEIL, NEWTON, PEEWEE, AND THE MONKEY who believe she spins magic like a Black Widow in heat.

Then, there's 'love' sent from followers, HELEN & BRUCE who believe she's devoted to the greater good of man-kind, a cultish high priestess of sorts.

SHARON wants us all to call the Manager of Pemberton Holmes Sooke and tell her what we think of Nancy. They won't take my calls because they know what I think.

There's TONY & KATIE NIKL, where Nancy orchestrated an unbelievable deal for them and took care of every detail, that's every little detail, saying Nancy misses nothing but why did she totally fuck up in the MLS #350431 deal. 

In Tony and Katie's case Nancy replaced their water heater with her own money to close the deal. Imagine that? It must have been a slow month for Nancy.

STEVEN WILLIAMS calls her the 'Bulldog of Real Estate', or was that the 'Pit Bull of Real Estate', I'll have to read it again, so don't quote me. 

It was some kind of dog anyway, I'm not quite sure which, male or female. It doesn't matter, all is good.

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